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                      Corporate Overview
COCARD-IMG Bank Solutions – A division of Innovative Marketing Group, LLC
  • Founded in 2004
  • Joined COCARD Marketing Group, LLC in 2005  
  • Servicing over 150 banks and branches throughout Eastern Unided States
  • Corporate Headquarters Located in Prosperity, SC.
  • Entire focus is Community Banks, Credit Unions and Associations.
COCARD Marketing Group, LLC
  • Founded in 2000
  • Over 25,000 merchants
  • 3.5 Billion in annual Volume
  • Over 70 Offices Throughout United States
First Data Corporation (Registered ISO)
  • Serves more than 5.4 million merchant locations
  • Revenues over 800 million
  • Ranked #1 for financial Services Industry on Fortune 500 list 2007
National Processing Company, NPC, (Registered ISO)
  • 40 Years of Payment Processing History
  • 350 Million Annual Transactions
  • 27 Billion in annual Processing Volume

TransFirst (Registered ISO)

  • Serves approximately 1,000 financial institutions
  • More than 175,000 merchant customers
  • Annual transaction volume run rate of approximately $30 billion
  • Ranked as one of the Top 10 U.S. processors (Based on The Nilson Report’s “Merchant Acquirers in the U.S.)  
COCARD® is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Walnut Creek, CA
COCARD® is a registrered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha, NE
COCARD® is a registered ISO/MSP of Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC
American Express® requires separate approval